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A genuine work of art, can never be false, nor can it be discredited through the lapse of time, for it does not present an opinion but the thing itself. Treat a work of art like a prince: let it speak to you first.

— Arthur Schopenhauer

About Us

Our story

China Photo Workshops was founded in 2015 by award-winning landscape photographer, Thierry Bornier. Our team take pride in being the best at organizing and operating photography workshops in China and we are the world-class specialists in this field.

Our enduring commitment to seek out the very best experiences and opportunities for our guests ensures that we deliver all-encompassing, expertly organized landscape photography workshops by a professional photographer for photographers at all levels.

Everything we do is driven by a passion for photography, strong principles, a spirit of fun and, above all, a deep-rooted desire for learning through authentic experiences travelling around China.

What we do

The majority of our photography workshops take place in China – a unique country with diverse landscapes that are shaped by extraordinary seasons and weather conditions, not to mention the rich history, extraordinary culture and exotic lifestyles.

We will whisk you away to a world that you never even knew existed. China’s landscapes span the full range from alpha to omega: from the impassive deserts of Inner Mongolia and Gansu, fairy-tale karst pinnacles around Guilin and Yangshuo, rice terraces and seaweed farms of the south, the gorgeous Yellow Mountains and Zhangjiajie to mind-blowing Tibet, our photography travel experts know how to deliver a truly immersive travel experience.

If you can’t find a landscape photography workshop that suits you, then we can also tailor one specifically to your needs. Our international team with various cultural backgrounds will guarantee you an excellent adventure without any communication problems.

  • As the global passion for photography continues to grow and there is increased demand for our expertise, our team has expanded our workshops to a number of other international destinations. These ambitious workshops are often held in partnership with award-winning photography guides from all around the world.
  • We already have a lot of satisfied customers who keep coming back for more and our returning customer rate is 95%.
  • Our workshops are suitable for people with a wide range of photographic abilities. You’ll have an incredible time whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran.
  • We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience with every photographer. When we are not actively shooting, we will teach you everything you need to know with a selection of informative lectures, presentations and discussions.
  • In the hands of our professional photography tutors, you’ll have an unforgettable trip and return home a better photographer.

Our experts

About Us

Thierry Bornier

Founder of China Photo Workshops

Thierry is China’s premier landscape photographer. He was born and raised in France. His career and reputation have surged in the last 5 years, with his work featured in National Geographic, The Telegraph, Wired, and other high-profile publications. In 2015 and 2016, Thierry earned a nomination for China’s Landscape Photographer of the Year.

National Geographic’s ‘Photo of the Day’ Column often places him among the highest rated photographers, and he has won many international awards from the EPSON International Pano Awards, One Eyeland, International Landscape Photographer of the Year, etc … His best photos sell for upwards of 15,000 to 22,000 USD in limited edition of 8 photographs and enquiries are constant.

Thierry has not always been a photographer though. In 2001, he began his professional life with an MBA in finance and became a CFO at an international fashion company in New York. In 2007, he realized that number crunching did not satisfy his passion for natural beauty. With a devotion and passion for nature and people, he decided to change his career to something more artistic that could (and did) set him free.

Without any formal training, Thierry dedicated his days to teaching himself photography. His first focus was high fashion photography, which drew the attention of high-profile models and celebrities. In 2011, he began exploring more of China (which had been his home since 2006) and photographing its stunning landscapes.

The key to Thierry’s success doesn’t come from just technical know-how, however. Every time he travels, Thierry does much more than just photography. He connects with people, cultures, and the landscapes themselves. Travel with him, and your photos will come alive through these same connections.

About Us

Tintin Wong

Manager of China Photo Workshops

Born and raised in China, Tintin is an experienced journalist who works for Lonely Planet and other magazines as a writer, translator and editor.

She is a frequent traveler who has spent years exploring the world in pursuit of her enthusiasm for art, creativity and different cultures. She speaks fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

As a team member and travel consultant, she is in charge of the planning and organization of the workshops. She will assist you before and during the workshops as your main contact. You won’t have to worry about language barriers or any communication problems when travelling with us, as she will always be happy to help.

About Us

Zheng Dexiong

Artist Photographer

Zheng Dexiong is an award-winning photographer with a worldwide reputation. Known for his magnificent landscape photos in Xiapu, his career took off in 2002 and his work has been featured in various publications, from books to newspapers and magazines.

Frequently winning awards in international photography competitions, Zheng has become the ‘image ambassador’ of Xiapu and it was he who made this photographic destination well known to photographers all over the world.

About Us

Peter Sung

Expert Photographer

Peter is a professional Landscape Photographer based in Hong Kong.  

He has dedicated his entire life to photography, first as a hobby and then as a full-time professional photographer since 2008.

A winner of many awards, he is also a contract photographer for China Travel Magazine.

About Us

Diana Hong - Yu Dai

Expert Photographer

Diana is a professional lifestyle photographer based in China.  She is a member of the Chinese Women Photographers Association, Huawei special photographer and Hong Kong China Tourism Press contract photographer.  

As a winner of many awards such as the Huawei Global Network competition and many others, 6 of her images were featured in a Paris exhibition at the Grand Palais in 2019.

Why Book With Us

China's Top Team For Photo Workshops

Professional photography tutors

Our photo workshops are guided by both local and international award- winning professional landscape photographers.

Travel in comfort and style

Our team will offer excellent car service which safely transport you to amazing locations across China with enough room to accommodate you and your camera gear.

Best accommodations

We use only the best and most comfortable hotels in China to ensure you are fully rested to tackle all of the adventures that await!

Worry-free travel experiences

Our international team with different culture backgrounds will guarantee you an excellent adventure without any communicating problems.