Learn How To Create Fine Art Landscape Photography with Expert-led Photography Tours in China

Each China Photo Workshops Tour is personally led by China's premier landscape photographer, Thierry Bornier. Thierry's work regularly features in galleries and major publications worldwide, including National Geographic, Vice, and The Telegraph. Thierry has received some of the top photography awards. Thierry has lived in China for over 14 years and personally researches and curates each workshop, offering unique experiences for travellers who wish to share and develop their passion for photography and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Why Book With China Photo Workshops?

Professional Photographers

Our photography tours of China are guided by award-winning local and international professional landscape photographers.

Travel in Comfort and Style

You’ll be safely transported to each location across China in a luxury car, with enough room to comfortably accommodate you and your camera gear.

Worry-free Travel Experiences

Explore the diverse landscapes of China with our experienced international team guaranteeing you a stress-free adventure without any communication barriers.

Luxury Accommodation

You’ll stay at the most comfortable hotels in China to ensure you are fully rested and ready to tackle all of the adventures that await.

Thierry Bornier's Philosophy

"I have carefully designed complete travelling experiences that blend art, culture, and my personal philosophy of photography. These days, anyone can use Photoshop, but very few can truly capture the essence of their subject matter. I will help you move past the ‘tricks’ and instead develop your innate abilities and eye. As a result, your photographs will gain deeper new dimensions and poignancy, and a rich new sense of purpose."

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China Photo Workshops has an enduring commitment to arranging authentic travel experiences for the discerning traveler. We cater to photographers at any experience level who crave authenticity and beauty. Everything we do is driven by passion for photography, a spirit of fun and, above all, a deep-rooted sense of respect for this ancient and fascinating culture.

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See What Our Past Clients Have to Say

I have been on three workshops with Thierry, the fourth is scheduled for 2020 and the fifth is in the planning. Thierry is a great photographer and a wonderful photography teacher, finding the best locations for photography and assisting us with the technical and artistic issues. Not less important, I found Thierry to be a real gentleman, listening very carefully to us, the customers, and both him and his assistant bent over backward to fulfill our requests very professionally. Besides, I found China to be a very safe and hospitable place to travel - much to my surprise - which contributed a lot to the success of the workshops.

Testimonial by Carmel



To Thierry, I wanted to say, Thank you! for a great trip! It was fun, exciting, and above all great to meet and travel with you. Your photo workshop made for a fantastic first trip to China, and I’m looking forward to many more!

Testimonial by Phil



To Thierry, Thank you very much for this excellent trip. I learned so much about composing, and I fell in love with this mystical fog in the rice terraces and mountains. China has unique landscapes that must be seen to be believed. Thank you for your company and your lessons in photography. The workshop was great, and you did everything to make everybody feel good and comfortable. I am sure this is not the last workshop we will do together.

Testimonial by Claudia



I’m a street photographer. I participated in several workshops that were a mix of landscape and street photography. However, I have never enjoyed landscape photography before. Thierry is something else. His total commitment to professional photography is contagious. He taught me how patience bears fruit. By following his ways my images surprised me. He never gave me false compliments but showed me how to be better. He is both a teacher and a friend. On top of all these goodies – Thierry knows the country inside out. He brought us to the photography delightful treasures of China. He speaks Chinese, French and English and it helps him get to the right places and the right people. He also managed to assemble a unique support team. TinTin, with a beautiful personality and perfect English, took care of all the coordination tasks with flying colors. All in all, I recommend Thierry's workshops all heartedly!

Testimonial by Shai



To Thierry, I’m back in rainy Switzerland. I hope you have recovered from the past two busy weeks, which I enjoyed very much despite the unfavorable weather conditions. I’m sure we will meet at several more workshops. I appreciate your uncompromised focus on photography, your detailed knowledge of the regions visited, as well as your refreshing sense of humor. Furthermore, the perfect organization implemented by your friendly and helpful collaborator Tintin was a pure blessing.

Testimonial by Ulrich



Thierry is a unique workshop leader as he speaks fluent English, French and Mandarin and he has also lived in China for 10+ years! Not only does he know the country and its photographic opportunities well, but he can also provide you with insight into the people and culture in a way that other foreign leaders may not. On my trip, I was able to eat dinner with a local, highly acclaimed photographer that was part of making Xiapu famous, see his photography studio and also get a small tour of Shanghai as it's Thierry's hometown in China. Photographing in China is a unique experience because the sights are magical but also because there are so many more people in China. Thierry will always try to get you to place early for a good spot and/or have your own space but sometimes, you should know, there is no avoiding the crowds. He also has an extensive network of local sources that are plugged into the scene which is crucial to getting you to the best locations. China is changing fast, so sometimes a location, say in Xiapu, may no longer exist as it's been demolished but a newer one has developed, and Thierry will be in the know. Finally, Thierry is also accommodating of the groups wants and needs, where possible, doing everything from modifying routes for those with physical ailments, to splitting the group up if there are disparate interests, to finding someone a MacDonalds when they are really missing home. For those of you who join a tour with Thierry, I wish you the very best adventure and, as always, great light!

Testimonial by Carolyn



I have done two photography workshops with Thierry Bornier. I have participated in quite a few photography workshops, and Thierry’s have been the best out of them all. He is an outstanding photographer. His photos are a source of inspiration, and he openly and thoroughly answers any questions one has about his photos or photography in general. Thierry guided us to the most beautiful shoot locations in China, at the most ideal times of the season. He knows China better than any other photographer and speaks fluent Chinese, so he makes it easy for everyone to get around. He is extremely friendly, pays attention to everyone in the group, and is always ready to lend help or advice. I could not think of a better guide for a photography workshop in China.

Testimonial by Matty



We have just landed in Israel, safe and sound and tired. Many thanks for an unforgettable workshop. We left China with a strong taste for more… In one word: Chapeau! In two words: twelve Points! You won’t find a better workshop in China. Period.

Testimonial by Benny