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Hello Photography Lovers,

My photography workshops are not just about teaching technique, or taking you to beautiful places then leaving you to your own devices. My photography workshops are an experience that transforms your camera into a way to feel with your eyes and see with your heart.
A good photo needs passion. When I take a photo, I open my heart to the world. After 10 years living in China, with 5 of them spent photographing every part of the country, I have an intimate understanding of the landscape and its people. When you travel with me, you not only get to photograph unbelievable sights, but also get to meet the people who live there. Listen to their stories, learn about their cultures, and your photographs will take on new dimensions.
This approach—this emphatic passion about taking photos—is what has set me apart. It has earned me features in National Geographic, and awards from One EyelandEPSON International Pano Awards, and more. I want to share this approach with other photographers, and I want to share the landscapes that have inspired me.

P.S. Be prepared for early mornings, late nights, unexpected weather, and constructive criticism. All experience levels welcome.


A real photography workshop teaches you to see because is no beauty without truth.

Yellow Mountains Anhui & Yuanyang Terraces Yunnan

Jan.14 – 26, 2018

Join Thierry Bornier along the breathtaking cliffside walkways that hang over the seas of clouds around the Yellow Mountain. This photographic pilgrimage continues on to Thierry’s favourite Yuanyang Rice Terraces.


Mar.2 – 16, 2018

Join Thierry Bornier for a photographic pilgrimage to his spiritual home of Yuanyang Rice Terraces, the splendid Zhangjiajie stone forest, and the colorful and ancient town of Fenghuang.


Mar.23 – Apr.4, 2018

Join Thierry Bornier for a photographic pilgrimage to his spiritual home of Yuanyang Rice Terraces. Then, visit the splendid Zhangjiajie Sandstone Peak Forest.

Qilian Mountain - Thierry Bornier
Qilian Mountain
Water Town - Thierry Bornier
Water Town

God's Palette - Thierry Bornier
God's Palette
Fairy morning in Kanas - Thierry Bornier
Fairy morning in Kanas

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  • Carolyn
    Thierry is a unique workshop leader as he speaks fluent English, French and Mandarin and he has also lived in China for 10+ years!  Not only does he know the country and it's photographic opportunities well, but he can also provide you with insight into the people and culture in a way that other foreign leaders may not. On my trip, I was able to eat dinner with a local,
      highly-acclaimed photographer that was part of making Xiapu famous,see his photography studio and also get a small tour of Shanghai as it's Thierry's hometown in China. Photographing in China is a unique experience because the sights are magical but also because there are so many more people in China.  Thierry will always try to get you to places early for a good spot and/or have your own space but sometimes, you should know, there is no avoiding the crowds.  He also has an extensive network of local sources that are plugged into the scene which is crucial to getting you to the best locations.  China is changing fast, so sometimes a location, say in Xiapu, may no longer exist as it's been demolished but a newer one has developed and Thierry will be in the know.  Finally, Thierry is also accommodating of the groups wants and needs, where possible, doing everything from modifying routes for those with physical ailments, to splitting the group up if there are disparate interests, to finding someone a MacDonalds when they are really missing home.  For those of you who join a tour with Thierry, I wish you the very best adventure and, as always, great light!
  • Claudia
    Dear Thierry,
    Thank you very much for this excellent trip. I learned so much about composing, and I fell in love with this mystical fog in the rice terraces and mountains. China has unique landscapes which must be seen to be believed. Thank you for your company and your lessons in photography. The workshop was great and you did everything to make everybody feel good and comfortable. I am sure this is not the last workshop we will do together. Best regards.
  • Benny
    We have just landed in Israel, safe and sound and tired. Many thanks for an unforgettable workshop. We left China with a strong taste for more…


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  • Terraces at sunrise - Thierry Bornier - Yunnan Rice Terraces
  • The river - Yangshuo, China - Thierry Bornier
  • Avatar in the mist - Thierry Bornier
  • Dream - Thierry Bornier
  • Sunset at Longji terrace - Thierry Bornier
  • Rainbow terraces - Thierry Bornier
  • Xiapu sunrise - Thierry Bornier
  • Spiritual Peaks - Thierry Bornier
  • River of rapeseed - Thierry Bornier
  • Heaven of Fall - Thierry Bornier
  • Twilight in Avatar - Thierry Bornier
  • Herd of Horses, Inner Mongolia - Thierry Bornier
  • Hani Terraces - Thierry Bornier
  • Xiapu China - Thierry Bornier - Landscape Photography - Chinese Fisherman
  • Blue poem - Thierry Bornier
  • Golden Beach - Thierry Bornier
  • Rapeseed Fields - Luoping China - Thierry Bornier
  • Lonely Peak - Thierry Bornier
  • Water Town - Thierry Bornier
  • Water Town - Thierry Bornier
  • Sunrise on fire Puzhe Hei - Thierry Bornier
  • Qilian Mountain - Thierry Bornier
  • Fairy morning in Kanas - Thierry Bornier
  • Grassland of human body curves - Thierry Bornier
  • Rainbow 's Canyon of China - Thierry Bornier
  • The Guardians of the light - Thierry Bornier
  • Patterns of labor -Thierry Bornier
  • Huangshan Falls -Thierry Bornier
  • Sunrise Xiapu - Thierry Bornier
  • Mood of Light - Thierry Bornier
  • Sea poem - Xiapu China - Thierry Bornier - Landscape Photographer